Parker Moore Design

Packaging & Environmental Design

Bringing brands to life in the physical world.


Del Taco

Lead designer (contract) at Tesser on concepts for environmental graphics and packaging. The chosen concept is traditional Mexican papel picado folk art as context for brand and food quality messaging.


Environmental Graphic Concepts, “Artpack”

“Artpack” are environmental graphics – campaign and branded installations for signage, wall applications, and functional installations. I worked as lead designer on concepts that play with dimensional and scale relationships, unique materials, finishes, and lighting. All of the following were done while on contract at Tesser in SF for their clients: Papa Murphy’s, Denny’s, Wendy’s, and Chili’s (not included here). Interior and architectural design by Tesser.




Papa Murphy’s


Ben & Jerry’s Menuboard System Design

Lead design on menuboard system concepts for Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops, as a contractor for Tesser. I explored materials & methods (hooks, magnets, slats, etc.) and created a flexible menuboard system with swappable panels for flavors and promotional graphics. While the chalkboard direction wasn't one of my initial concepts, I refined the concept significantly to get it to a final production design. Currently in stores.