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DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) makes one of the most widely used open source CMS on the web. I served as the Creative Director and sole designer, working closely with their leadership team to reimagine the brand and products from the ground up – strategy, naming, identity, application, and production. The new DNN brandmark is a beacon, referencing DNN’s mantra of commerce and community in balance. Two shapes create a new form greater than the sum of its parts. The narrative is bold and minimal in application with focused palette, custom illustration, and photography from their community.


Brand identity


Web design


“Doing” environmental campaign

DNN approached me with a deceptively simple request – create imagery for their corporate values. Instead of lush stock photo landscapes with large point motivational clichés, I designed a pop-fueled campaign concept called “Doing.” The results, by all accounts, made an impact and positively transformed the office.