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Case Study:
Evoq Product Design & Brand

Evoq Engage is a powerful set of responsive web tools to measure community engagement and manage users. I consulted as Creative Director and Lead IC Product Designer, working directly with company leadership, marketing, and development stakeholders. Over the course of a few weeks we 2 design sprints, exploring UX strategies for a new suite of products. I presented the resulting prototypes to the DNN board to help secure a green light for the project. Once approved, I performed Lead IC system design work for the initial launch product, Evoq Engage, coordinating the design through development and QA.



DNN's flagship product is a CMS for community engagement and management functionality. The CMS only defined one level of (global) admin. Community Managers (CM) are a distinct persona requiring regular access to an appropriate feature subset of the CMS. This project was to create a user experience (UX) dedicated to Community Managers and their use case.


  • Distributed Community Manager (CM) Controls

  • CM controls are mixed with admin functions

  • Surface actionable items (in-context and notifications)

  • Improve efficiency of CM UX (unique dashboard)

  • Ability to manage users

  • Responsive design

Success Metrics

  • Clear information architecture - accessibility of frequent and important information

  • Facilitate Community Management tasks

  • Intuitive UX for both contextual and meta information / controls

  • Provide strategic feedback regarding community activity – proactive vs reactive

  • Eliminate lost tasks (notifications)


This project was done through my consulting business. I worked onsite with their internal product team, including a community project manager with developer roots, a UX designer, and milestone collaboration with the CEO and CTO. We ran a week-long design sprint to identify and prioritize community features from the larger CMS product into a dashboard for the CM persona. During the sprint, concepts for all components of the product were worked out in sketches. Selected concepts were refined in wireframe, and a keynote proto was created at the end of the sprint. Once approved by the board and execs, I directed 2 additional designers on UI/visual concepts. The final concept was selected and I designed all screens of the product (desktop and mobile responsive), handed off redlined files, and worked with dev through QA.




Final visuals


Evoq brand identity



The product opened a new target audience in their key demo. It’s low price point and essential community features provided a clear upsell opportunity to existing customers. Feedback has been extremely positive. The new system design and patterns we created are now the de facto standard for all DNN products.